In 1954, A. Jepson Morrow, a renowned psychic, gathered together a World Council of leading mystics and fortune-tellers to predict the outcome of the atomic wars. It was the Amazing Criswell who suggested their next move. Based on the findings of these prominent seers, Morrow convinced a secret cadre of industrialists and bureaucrats to cryogenically freeze a hand-picked selection of America’s brightest and best to revive the American Dream …upon awakening after the inevitable nuclear holocaust, of course. When every single one of the brightest and best steadfastly refused, the bureaucrats took over. Eventually, they even took you.

This is a parody of The Morrow Project by Richard Tucholka and Robert Sadler.

A group of malcontents, losers and hopless dreamers, in other words, normal people, find themselves revived in a future where something far worse than a stupid old nuclear war happened, equipped with seemingly useless junk and left to make their way in a world very different than the one they saw the last time they closed their eyes. There wasn’t really an apocalypse, but empires did fall, science fell by the wayside, a few high tech disasters generated some weirdness and legends arose about the darnedest things.

It’s kind of like fall out without bottle caps or keen weapons.

The Morlock Project