The Rules

This game uses FATE accelerated with the following skills:
Negotiation (People Skills and Logistics)
Reconnaissance (Hunting and Scouting)
Iniquity (Scrounging and Burglary)
Brutality (Breaking people and things)
Science (Fixing Stuff and Building Stuff)
Discipline (Enduring Ordeals and Setting an Example)

Players have a 3 Refresh and 1 free stunt.

High Concept Aspects must reflect the time in which you were frozen (any time from just after the Bay of Pigs to just before the first Mars mission is launched a few years hence.)

Trouble Aspects must allude to some reason you would voluntarily, accidentally or due to coercion get yourself frozen in an experimental chamber only to be thawed out after everything has gone to heck.

I have borrowed liberally from Apocalypse World, mostly in the creation of a rules sheet with nifty bullet points. But humor and legend-building play a large part of this story.

The Rules

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